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The smart trading machine

Diversify your investment to enjoy the advantages of FX/CFD trading

RoboX uses a unique algorithm which correlates between your
personal trading profile and the world's largest algo's database to
create trading packages that are best suited for you

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Answer, click... And you're done

It's that simple. Answer a short and focused
questionnaire to assess your real risk
tolerance and trading flavor, Select the
bespoke packages and suggested money
allocation and Robox will make sure your
packages are always updated with the most
suitable and best performed strategies.

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See what RoboX did in the last 6 months:

Package name: Blue Topaz 624 | Package P/L%: 90.3%
RoboX cart for the past 6 months
* Past results do not indicate future performance
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So how does it work?
RoboX is a trading machine based on smart packages of strategies.
RoboX correlates user’s personalized trading profile and Tradency’s
world largest strategies database to offer only the most suitable
packages and money management allocations.
Each package is set by an algorithm according to predefined rules.
The unique algorithm keeps afloat only the most profitable strategies
while each package is updated periodically, automatically.

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